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Helping Students with Disabilities Transition to College and Careers

03/25/2013 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM ET




Hosted by AYPF and The National High School Center


Research and experience point to the importance of high quality transition services in preparing students with disabilities for college, careers, and other positive post-school outcomes. The National High School Center and the American Youth Policy Forum are cosponsoring this webinar, which will highlight research, policies, and programs that have helped students with disabilities transition successfully. Presenters will include Dr. Michael Wehmeyer, Professor, Department of Special Education, University of Kansas, who has been a leader in issues of self-determination, transition, access to the general education curriculum for students with severe disabilities, and technology use by people with cognitive disabilities; Johnny Collett, Office of Next Generation Learning, Division of Learning Services, Kentucky Department of Education, who will discuss how the Kentucky education offices have reorganized to ensure that students with disabilities are fully integrated into their efforts to improve college and career readiness; and Allison Chase, Florida State Director of High School High Tech, a program that provides high school students with all types of disabilities the opportunity to explore jobs or postsecondary education leading to technology-related careers and links them to a broad range of academic, career development and experiential resources and experiences that will enable them to meet the demands of the 21st century workforce.

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