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Leveraging Local Resources: Promising Practices for Dropout Prevention & Recovery in Rural Districts





Graduation rates have hit a plateau, with high schools across the country graduating just 71.7 percent of students in 2012. In recent years, many efforts to address the dropout crisis have focused on large, urban schools and districts. Yet, a national effort to reduce the number of students dropping out requires policymakers to consider strategies for all communities, including rural schools and districts. Particularly for rural communities, policies and programs to prevent and recover high school dropouts should build upon resources and capacities which already exist within the community. This webinar will explore the use of state data systems for the development and implementation of early warning systems in Sussex County, Virginia, and will describe the Communities In Schools model that has been implemented in the Greater Central Texas region.

Speakers for this webinar will include Dr. Charles Harris III, Superintendent, Sussex County Public Schools, Richelle Hines, Data Specialist, Sussex County Public Schools, and Mary Erwin Barr, Executive Director, Communities In Schools of Greater Central Texas.




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