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Research, Policy, and Practice: The Role of Intermediaries in Promoting Policies

02/27/2014 01:00 PM - 02:30 PM ET




There have been increased calls for the use of research to inform education policy and practice. However, many barriers often prevent researchers, policymakers and practitioners from working together effectively.  In addition to limited understanding of research among policymakers and practitioners, researchers’ agendas often do not coordinate with practitioner needs.  As district leaders consider policy and program changes, intermediaries like advocacy groups, philanthropies, and think tanks can play a critical role in disseminating and interpreting research.  

On February 27th, AYPF will host a webinar highlighting the role of intermediaries in promoting research to policymakers in education.  Presenters include Dr. Chris Lubienski, Professor at University of Illinois and Principal Investigator of “How Do Intermediary Organizations Promote Research Evidence for Educational Policymaking?”; Dr. Kevin Welner, Professor at University of Colorado and Director of the National Education Policy Center; and Kim Nauer, Education Project Director, The New School for Public Engagement, Center for New York City Affairs.

Register here.

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