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Moving the Needle for First Generation College Students: Comprehensive Advising from College Access

04/05/2016 02:00 PM - 03:15 PM ET




In today’s economy, a college credential is in greater demand than ever before. Not only do college graduates tend to earn more money, but they are also more likely to vote, volunteer, and enjoy better health outcomes. However, navigating the college process can be challenging for some students, particularly first generation college students from low income homes (FGLI) who often face unique barriers to college access and success. Advising comes in many forms, but when done comprehensively can assist students with academic, financial, and social-cultural barriers. Given the multiple barriers FGLI students may face, supports must be comprehensive in order to effectively address the needs of this population. This webinar will highlight comprehensive advising strategies for supporting FGLI students’ college access, transition, and success and discuss the role of policy in scaling these efforts. 


-Elizabeth Morgan, Director of External Relations, NCAN

-Cassie Magesis, Director of College Readiness, Urban Assembly, Bridge to College Program

-Pam Blumenthal, Director, Links Programs and Josh Lauire, Manager, Future Connect Scholarship, Portland Community College 

-Rana Tarkenton, Deputy Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, Denver Scholarship Foundation




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