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Accountability for Alternative Education: Lessons Learned from States and Districts

11/14/2016 03:00 PM - 04:30 PM ET


Last year, the nation’s high school graduation rate reached a record high of 82.3 percent. Despite this progress, however, data show that there is still work to be done to ensure that students with the highest risk of dropping out have access to high-quality alternative educational opportunities that adequately prepare them for college, careers, and life. As states and districts across the country aim to create a robust set of educational options including alternative settings, they must be able to effectively collect and use the most relevant and reliable data to develop accountability systems. These systems should be responsive to the needs of students educated in alternative settings. In this webinar, presenters will explore the challenges and opportunities of accountability for alternative education, along with promising practices from states and districts who have developed accountability measures and systems that are inclusive of all students in all types of educational settings. 

Presenters include:

Jennifer L. DePaoli, Senior Education Advisor, Civic Enterprises; co-author of Building a Grad Nation: Progress and Challenge in Raising High School Graduation Rates

Jessica Knevals, Principal Consultant, Accountability and Data Analysis Office, Colorado Department of Education

Kirsten Plumeau, Program Director, Contracted Alternative Schools, Portland Public Schools

Carla Gay, Director of Early Warning Systems, Portland Public Schools

Carinne Deeds, Policy Associate, American Youth Policy Forum; co-author of What Can States Learn About College and Career Readiness Accountability Measures from Alternative Education?

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