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Leveraging Youth Voice and Advocacy to Support Pathways to Success

12/07/2016 03:30 PM - 04:45 PM ET




Young people are often their own best advocates and their voices can be leveraged to promote pathways to long-term success. Youth advocacy and civic engagement is especially powerful for vulnerable populations, such as youth who are homeless, in foster care, or justice-involved, who can draw upon their own experiences to impact change. This kind of youth organizing can lead to positive policy and practice changes “by youth, for youth” and helps young people develop important knowledge, skills, abilities, and dispositions for success in adulthood.

This webinar will feature the voices of young people and highlight programs that are effectively leveraging youth voice and advocacy to promote policy change and support youth development, putting youth on pathways to success in education, work, and civic life.


  • Matt Rosen, Executive Director, Foster Youth in Action; 
    and Michelle Palmer, Youth Advocate with Oregon Foster Youth Connection and FYA Leaders United Member
  • Geoff Foster, Director of Organizing and Policy, UTEC;
    and Jamel Bonilla, Youth Organizer
  • Annie Blackledge, Executive Director, The Mockingbird Society;
    and Tyler Donhardt, Youth Network Representative



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